A taste for the arts

Each generation of the Sommier family showed their love for art. The oldest evidence is the decoration preserved in the hotel and the most radiant one is the interior and exterior decoration of the Vaux-le-Vicomte recreated by Alfred Sommier. By visiting the Louvre, you will also observe a few examples of this artistic passion due to the philanthropy of certain family members:

Edme Sommier (Alfred’s son) and his wife Germaine Casimir Périer donated a painting by Chardin representing the Jeune Dessinateur (wing Sully, 2nd floor) and a sculpture of kings Charles XII of Sweden by Bouchardon (wing Denon, ground floor).

Robert Le Roux, the son of Anne Sommier, Alfred’s sister, bequeathed two paintings by Giandomenico TIepoolo that represent Le Charlatan and Le Menuet (wing Denon, 1st floor)

Family anecdotes

Eiffel Tower: As mythical during the day as during the night. Several rooms of the 5th floor offer a view on the Eiffel Tower. Alfred Sommier used to rent to the banker Albert Rostand, the uncle of Edmond Rostand, the author of Cyrano de Bergerac, the apartment on the 2nd floor of the “hôtel particulier”. Albert Rostand who was president of the Franco-Egyptian Bank took the risk of being the lead investor for the construction of the Eiffel Tower. Following this, he introduced the designer of the tower, Gustave Eiffel, to Alfred Sommier’s friends network.

La Madeleine church : famous for hosting the funerals of artists, notably Chopin, Offenbach, Piaf, Dalida, Trenet and lately Johnny Hallyday. The well-known Fauré requiem was performed there for the first time in 1888, at the  one-year anniversary of the funerals of Joseph Lesoufaché, architect of Alfred Sommier’s « hôtel particulier ».

The “Alfred Sommier” style

Through the various canvas, busts and pictures of Alfred Sommier laid out in the hotel, one can observe certain of his traits. He was a direct and trustworthy man that displays empathy. He gathered an entrepreneurial spirit, elegance and a passion for art. This is the style that the architect Stéphane Darchy (LD2 Architecture) and the interior designers Colombe Desazars (Adequat) and Adrien Quélet had to inspire by creating a subtle blend of classical and contemporary flavours.

This style is also disclosed with the choice of Guerlain amenities for the bathrooms and of Gien tableware for the restaurant, both brands appreciated by Alfred Sommier, created in the 19th century and still fashionable. As well as in thousand and one details that Alfred Sommier hotel guests will take pleasure to discover.