Exceptional salons

To have meetings and events at Alfred Sommier hotel

The four reception rooms on the ground floor of the mansion had been designed for Alfred Sommier’s social and professional entertainment. They still offer an unparalleled setting. A fifth salon called the Archives is located on a half-level. The most secure communication systems have been integrated.

Spacious and luminous salons

The hotel offers unique modular spaces

Whether hired independently or jointly, these five reception rooms offer a variety of layouts for business meetings and private parties, from the most intimate to the grandest: seminar, business meal, product launch, general assembly, cocktail, fashion show, private party, wedding…

A customized service for a successful seminar

Five salons lit by daylight are most suitable for your event


Salon doré
Louis XV style reception room open on to the private garden. One of the original paintings represents Mercure, the god of merchants, of travel and communication!

Alfred's office
decorated in Directory style, it opens on to the private garden

a more intimate room, it opens on to the private garden

Salon carré
decorated in Louis XVI style, it overlooks the courtyard

Salon des Archives
modern in style, lit by daylight and located on a half-floor, it opens on to the courtyard. Suitable for a general assembly as well as a dancing party. It is complemented by a vaulted room in stone for a buffet or a sub-commission.

Business meals or private event

Looking for a refined and comfortable place, with cutting-edge communications

The guests benefit from a private entrance, independent of the hotel lobby. The following technological and operational facilities ensure the quality of events: Internet connection with optical fiber at very high speed (100MB), available in each reception room with a private and secure access. Each reception room is equipped with an LCD television with a large screen, instantly connected to any PC by Chromecast (NB: giant screen in the Salon des Archives). When combined, the reception rooms can accommodate up to 250 guests. Events can be extended onto the private garden and its terrace. The chef can meet any type of request: banquet, cocktail, buffet. The suites, the connecting rooms and the rooms with a terrace can also be used for shootings, private meals, or to shoot the Eiffel Tower or Montmartre.

Elegance and refinement

Alfred Sommier hotel offers salons with 16 m² to 54 m² floor space


Salon Doré
42m2 / 30 to 42 pax according to the layout (theater, cocktail, banquet)

Alfred's office
30m2 / 16 to 30 pax  according to the layout (theater, board, cocktail, banquet)

16m2 / 10 to 16 pax according to the layout (theater, board, cocktail, banquet)

Salon carré
25m2 / 9 to 25 pax according to the layout (theater, U, square, board, classroom, cocktail, banquet)

Salon des Archives
54m2 / 24 to 63 pax according to the layout (theater, U, square, classroom, cocktail, banquet)


Floor plan and capacities

Wedding and parties

The elegance in entertainment in order to make your reception an unforgettable moment!

The Alfred Sommier hotel is suitable for large events. The salons (such as the Archives one for dancing), the dining room and the garden offer an elegant and adaptable setting, without interference with the hotel guests. The hotel rooms or suites can welcome the bride and accommodate wedding guests.